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Jose Garcia
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Jose Garcia Soul Ripping Vocals, Volcanic Drumming & the sheer brutality of the Guitars, RIPIS forces their way into the depths of Hell and back with their amazing debut album! Favorite track: Lotus.
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FDJ Monolithic grooves of heaviness laid down thick, low and nasty beneath a mixture of growled and mournfully clean vocal tones Favorite track: Wanderer.
Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger When I was a kid they used to say everything is bigger in Texas and when it comes to swaggering sludge doom riffs it seems it still is, love this !! Favorite track: Maelstrom.
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released July 1, 2017

Asher Johnson - Guitar
Blake DeWitt - Bass / Vocals
Andy Hannaman - Drums

Mixed by Derek Leisy at Audiosiege
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
Artwork by Paolo Girardi
Logo by Chris Cotner



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RIPIS Austin, Texas

Doom Metal from Austin, TX

Blake DeWitt
Asher Johnson
Andy Hannaman

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Track Name: Wanderer
Bridge of fire
Buried in smoke
Forsaken pyre
Bloodthirsted warlord
Condemned and broken
Written in the tome
White bones scattered
Earthbound and alone

Alone, afraid
The Earth is caving in
Track Name: Lotus
Alone, the word rings
Palms to earth tremble below
Broken, nothing left
Surroundings unchanged

Yet unwelcome fear dwells

Afraid, the word rings
Violence unending, deep within
Unknown, shadowed beings
Unwavering landscape

Vile prison
Crushing despair
Track Name: Monolith
Swelling Earth, droning beneath
Atmosphere collapsing, windswept heath
Nature burning, drowned in ash
Ghost of fire, bury life

Feral dread
Plagued with death
Dread unending

Labor onward, dull my head
Broken Man, hollow shell
Loss of sight, grey beyond
It feeds on light
Death process

Rising horizon
Barrier, monolith
Track Name: Death Process
Broken man, tattered limbs
Nothing lives in this place anymore
Sunken eyes, battered skin
Is there hope to escape this dead earth
Hollow shell, shattered soul
Falling further and drowning within
Splintered wood, burning dust
Everything has gone and I am left
Buried sun, dark barrow
Washed up on a sea of death’s toll
Sinking void, reaching out
Falling further and drowning within

Falling into the abyss
I fought with hands and teeth clenched
What was once bliss is only pain and torment
Track Name: Maelstrom
This dark hour, futile sow
Embers light the sky aflame
Blackness bleeds below
This dark tower, death bringer
To smite the fire in its sleep
Weary withered core

Is there end to pain?

Plains of ruin, heavy clouds
Loom among the spires peak
Crushing callous weight
Wield the will
Nature's fury
To face the fire in its keep
Perish empty pour

Is there end to pain?
Track Name: Torpor
Dead earth, cauldron of hate
Bleak path, bane of doom
Mountain, the pillar of flame
Ruthless, gut monolith

Expel dread, defy the thought
Peaks of death meet the sky
Corpse dust, heavy breath
Blood-soaked trails guide the path

Peaks of death meet the sky
Inner rage guides the slog

Dead earth, cauldron of hate
Bleak path, bane of doom
Mountain, the pillar of flame
Ruthless, gut monolith
Track Name: Solace
Last breath, laid to rest
Born and buried in the earth’s embrace

Mountain, bones to ash
Mountain, one with the earth
Mountain, Bringer of Death
Mountain, Bringer of Peace